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As a business, we welcome the spotlight now focussed on the gender pay gap issue. We see this as a positive step towards removing pay inequality in the workplace.

Our core values incorporate respect for all, regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity.

With reference to our report, the main activities of The Anderson Group are those of Mercedes Benz commercial vehicle dealers and haulage contractors. The sectors in which we operate (particularly haulage) are traditionally male dominated and this is reflected in the figures in our gender pay reporting.

We have 468 Male and 88 Female employees. Our workforces are predominately made up of service technicians and HGV drivers. It is a continual challenge to recruit female service technicians, and we are constantly working with new ideas to encourage females to apply for all our apprenticeship schemes. Within the haulage industry, it is our experience that in the geographical areas in which we operate there are very few females who find a career as an HGV driver an attractive prospect.

Gender Pay Gap

Mean Median
Hourly Rate 12.5% 13.9%
Bonus Pay 77.1% 21.5%


It is important to understand that the gender pay report measures the difference between the average and median male and female pay. It therefore reflects the distribution and relative proportions of men and women across the business. It does not reflect the role that an employee performs. Therefore, it should be noted that when it comes to the same role The Anderson Group believes it pays the same rate of pay regardless of gender.


Male Female
Staff Receiving Bonus 47.7% 77.4%


Proportion of Staff in Hourly Rate Quartiles

Male Female
Top Quartile 91.4% 8.6%
Upper Middle Quartile 85.6% 14.4%
Lower Middle Quartile 77.0% 23.0%
Lower Quartile 82.7% 17.3%

I confirm the gender pay gap data in this report is accurate.

Tim Ward