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DFSK EC35 Electric Panel Van

The DFSK EC35 is a compact electric panel van designed to keep your business on the move with zero emissions. With up to 166 mile pure electric range and the ability to recharge to 100% in 90 minutes (and up to 80% capacity in 60 minutes), this latest electric vehicle is highly capable.

Its neat dimensions are ideal for inner-city driving and manoeuvring, but don’t let its size disguise its abilities as the EC35 can carry a payload of up to 1,015kg. Combined with a cargo capacity of 4.8m3, the EC35 is fit for a wide range of uses, from transport for your engineers and their equipment to last-mile delivery.

Benefits to going Electric

Lower Running Costs

There are huge savings to be made in the cost of charging an electric van versus refuelling with petrol or diesel, as well as on Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). A full charge is considerably cheaper than a full tank and, as there are fewer moving parts in an EV, servicing and repairs cost less too.

Avoid Emissions Charges

Driving an electric vehicle can help you save in many city centres, avoiding congestion and emissions charges. For example, it currently costs £12.50 a day to drive in London’s ULEZ area, but this is completely free in a fully electric van.

The Government pays towards your new EV

The Government’s Plug-In Van Grant* provides a contribution of £5,000 towards the purchase of your new EC35. There are tax incentives too, including capital allowances on low-emission vehicles, as well as money towards workplace charge point installations.