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The Group is focussed on three trading businesses the largest of which holds sales and aftersales franchises for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles; the second a commercial vehicle body builder and the third a commercial property portfolio. The total number of employees across the Group was 537 for the year. 

The Group is committed to equality, although the industry in which the vast majority of the staff operate within is historically significantly male biased. This is particularly the case in respect of the manual labour elements of vehicle technicians and vehicle body builders and the Group struggles to attract female staff into such roles. 

Across the financial, administrative and sales roles the proportion of female staff is far more significant and this is reflective of the proportion of staff receiving bonus or commission payments. The Group strives to ensure where roles of equal standing are performed by male and female staff, they are rewarded on an equal basis. 

Gender Pay Gap 

  Mean  Median 
Hourly Rate  13.6%  16.1% 
Bonus Pay  57.6%  -7.6% 


It is important to understand that the gender pay report measures the difference between the average and median male and female pay. It therefore reflects the distribution and relative proportions of men and women across the business. It does not reflect the role that an employee performs. Therefore, it should be noted that when it comes to the same role The Anderson Group believes it pays the same rate of pay regardless of gender. 


  Men  Women 
Staff Receiving Bonus  67.7%  89.4% 


Proportion of Staff in Hourly Rate Quartiles 

  Men  Women 
Top Quartile  92.5%  7.5% 
Upper Middle Quartile  87.3%  12.7% 
Lower Middle Quartile  67.2%  32.8% 
Lower Quartile  83%  17% 

I confirm the gender pay gap data in this report is accurate. 

Taken from the latest report on the site – here 

Andrew Jamieson – CEO